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    What is animal communication?   Animal communication is the process by which impressions, thoughts, images and feelings can be transmitted and received between beings of different species.  Anita communicates with animals using telepathy, also called two-way thought transference.

    Does the animal need to be present?   No.  Consultations are usually by telephone.  There are fewer distractions if the animal is not present.  In fact, the animal can be in a third location, far away from both Anita and the owner.

    What is the procedure for a consultation?   You begin by making an appointment with Anita.  At the agreed upon day and time you phone her and describe each animal (name, breed, age, appearance).  You then ask your animals questions.  Anita interprets and expresses the answers they sent her.  You may pay by VISA, Master Card, or Discover, or by check in advance.

    Can I learn to communicate with animals?   There are specific techniques that can aid in developing your natural abilities.   Anita has been Penelope Smith's assistant instructor and is authorized to teach her techniques.  Hundreds of people have used these to successfully enhance their ability.

    What questions can I ask?  Animal communication is like carrying on a conversation about the past, present, or future plans.   (Anita is not a psychic and does not make predictions.)  Questions often include:   How do you feel?, Do you like your food?, How were you injured?, Where does it hurt?, Do you like this kennel/stable?, How is the fit of your shoes/saddle/blanket?.  Animals can even be asked if they want euthanasia.  But remember, Animal Communications are NEVER a SUBSTITUTE for good veterinary care, proper nutrition, exercise or training.

Animal Communication Services

    By appointment
    By telephone:  $40 per quarter hour
    Gift Certificates are available

Barn Walks
    Call to make arrangements.

    Call to make arrangements.

    Basic Workshop:  1 day
    Advanced Workshop:  1 day

Call if you would like to organize a workshop or if you would like to be notified of upcoming workshops.

"Anita Curtis has been extremely accurate in her evaluation of animals in my practice.  The correlation of signs, that she makes known, with diagnostic results is very significant." 
-- Judith M Shoemaker, D.V.M

"Anita's workshop taught us how to effectively communicate with our clients' horses and our own animal companions."
--Ron & Linda Briel, The Balancing Touch

"We learned more in half an hour with Anita than a year of asking other professionals.  Through Anita, our horse communicated about the sources of his problems.  His performance has improved so much we have a totally new horse."
--Jim S., owner/trainer

"Our cat was using the fireplace instead of her litter box.  She communicated through Anita that the new litter hurt her paws.  We changed to something softer, and she returned to using her litter box."
--Nancy Cava

Call (610)327-3820 to schedule an appointment.

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