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Walk through your facility with Anita. Ask your animals questions and listen to what they have to say. Call our office for more information.


I am adding a new phase to the work I do with animals. I have been communicating with people who cannot speak due to Alzheimer's disease, stroke, autism or many other reasons. I have had amazing results and want to teach the caregivers of these patients how to have a different level of understanding and therefore provide better care.

My New web site is Please look at the site to get more information on this work. I feel this work can benefit an incredible number of people. You will see on the web site how it helped my husband be more comfortable in his final days. There are testimonials from people who have also had positive experiences from these communications.

I want to teach the caregivers of nonverbal people, but I will also be taking consultation calls. The charge will be $75 for a twenty minute call and $5 extra if you want an audio tape. I will still be taking animal communication calls and teaching workshops.

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Anita Curtis
Animal Communications
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Telephone: (610) 327-3820
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