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Welcome to my Animal Communications web site. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

My parents always had a family dog. Those dogs were my friends and confidants throughout my youth, but I yearned for horses. We lived in a row house in Philadelphia. In those days milk was delivered to the homes by a horse drawn wagon. As a child I couldn't wait each day to hear the clip clop of the hooves of the huge gray mare, Suzy as she pulled the milk wagon down the middle of the street to the front of the houses. She would stop, and start again when she was told. My mother would call to me to look up and down before I darted into the street to be there when Suzy stopped in front our house. I would stand by Suzy and touch her leg and tell her how wonderful she was. It was a dark day in my young life when Abbotts Dairies did away with their horses and bought trucks.

I begged so much to ride that my parents finally decided to take me to a riding stable to get me over this obsession. My mother was terrified of horses, so my father paid $1.50 each for both of us to ride on a trail for an hour. That was a lot of money in those days, but they thought it would be worth it to stop my begging.

You can see that didn't work.

I met the man of my dreams and we married in 1965. Our son was born in 1971. Sadly, I lost them both to cancer. My husband died in 1999 and our son went to be with him in 2008. I have been blessed to have had them in my life.

I heard about animal communications in 1993 and went to a workshop in Maryland. This workshop was taught by Jeri Ryan, Ph.D. A whole new world opened up to me. By that time we had a dog, a cat, and three horses on our property. I worked in the accounting department of a large company. The company was downsizing and offered a package to anyone who wanted to retire. By that time I had been to two other Jeri Ryan workshops and then travelled to California to study with Penelope Smith. I took that retirement package and have been communicating with animals and teaching others how to do it ever since. I love the work, and especially enjoy teaching others to hear what their animals have to say.

I have an Arabian mare, BB who has a strong personality. BB's Blog is in the works and will be up for viewing soon.

I am adding a new phase to the work I do with animals. I have been communicating with people who cannot speak due to Alzheimer's disease, stroke, autism or many other reasons. I have had amazing results and want to teach the caregivers of these patients how to have a different level of understanding and therefore provide better care.

My New web site is Please look at the site to get more information on this work. I feel this work can benefit an incredible number of people. You will see on the web site how it helped my husband be more comfortable in his final days. There are testimonials from people who have also had positive experiences from these communications.

I want to teach the caregivers of nonverbal people, but I will also be taking consultation calls. The charge will be $75 for a twenty minute call and $5 extra if you want an audio tape. I will still be taking animal communication calls and teaching workshops.

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Anita Curtis
Animal Communications
P.O. Box 182
Gilbertsville, PA 19525

Telephone: (610) 327-3820
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